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For next fall I am beginning a new book of photography "Goth Girls Vampire Vixens and Satan's Seductress"!

If you or anyone (model or photographer) you may feel would be anyone interested please email me model bios, past work history (not required), age, and name they wish used if you want to be included, and minimal of 4 images no body type discouraged per model at 300 dpi to :
Topless or nude with partial covering is my limitation, (but NOT required) due to the mixed reader target market....something like a Fetish to Gothic Beauty magazine crossed with a Taschen or Goliath style book, classy in black and white. If I get enough images I would love to do a hardbound coffee table edition.

This is an attempt to help talented models and photographers get an extra bit of publicity!
Thank you!

Corvis Nocturnum
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